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Professional accounting services in Dubai by UAE Professional Accountants

Aabi Chartered Accountants services in UAE is a professional accounting firms in Dubai offering accounting services in UAE and Bookkeeping services in UAE. We are progressive medium size accounting company in Dubai helping investors to maintain financial records, to  provide financial analysis through various reports, to help in decision making process and to ensure the compliance with legal, regulatory and tax authorities requirements. We use the best available technologies and best human resources who are highly qualified and experienced in accounting services in UAE. Our accountants in Dubai are well experienced in outsourced accounting jobs and active for last 8 years and have earned good reputation among UAE accounting firms and specifically Dubai accounting firms in UAE.

We differentiate ourselves by maintaining high professional standards of client satisfaction, integrity, sincerity and fast service which has helped us to serve and build a strong client base. We believe that a smart, well educated and experienced team can only provide an excellent service. So we have built a team of chartered accounts, ACCA, CPAs, MBAs, Lawyers and IT specialist with professional and geographical diversity

At Aabi CA we understand the challenges of running day to day business operations so we have designed flexible solutions that give you peace of mind and help you focus on more strategic level tasks at a minimal accounting services fees in UAE. Our Dubai accountants will take care of your day to day accounting and bookkeeping tasks as per UAE rules and regulations and keep financial records updated in cloud accounting software's which means you can reach your financial information by using any desktop or smart phone without any aggressive follow ups with your accountants in Dubai. You don't have to struggle to learn UAE VAT and related reporting requirements and keep abreast with the regulatory changes.

Accounting Packages in UAE

Either you are startup or an existing business struggling with growth challenges or trying to keep costs under control, we have multiple solutions for you. You should contact our accounting office in Dubai to discuss about available options or a customized solution as per your requirements and  budget. We have designed special accounting packages in UAE which best suites your requirements. These accounting packages are based on the business activity level, reporting requirements, complexity of transactions and business operations, business nature and stakeholders requirements. When designing these packages, we take into account the time required to perform the job and skill level of the staff so that our clients get best value for money spent. We offer free consultation and assessment review and always open for discussion and negotiation.

Our Methodology

Our well established and flexible approach/working methodology is designed to address all the day to day capturing, recording and reconciling challenges faced by businesses. We will assess your accounting and financial reporting requirements, complexity of business transactions, related process and business impact along with the IT systems. We will design accounting policies and procedures, agree with the management and train those involve in the process for the smooth implementation and execution of assignments. Implementation and execution phases are well monitored and regularly tested by the senior staff. Any deviations or problems are discussed and necessary changes are made and the test process goes on.

VAT experts and Free VAT Consultation

All our staff is trained in VAT implementation and VAT filing skills

Our Accountants in UAE

Geographical Diversity of our professional accountants in Dubai offer an added value to our clients. When hiring staff we make sure that we have accountants in UAE with different language backgrounds and with different geographical/countries working experience to make sure that our clients don't have language barriers  and they work with someone who has experience and awareness of rules and regulations of client home country. 

We invest sufficient time, effort and financial resources for continuous professional development of our accountants in UAE so that our clients get best and up to date advice. Accountants in Dubai are trained in using most recent technologies which are introduced in the industry. Continuous  workshops and briefings are organised internally and along with professional trainers. Our International affiliated firms are also a good source of staff training and professional development which includes inter firm secondments and knowledge sharing

Accounting Software

We offer free consultation for accounting software selection. We also offer clients' assessment of existing software and business requirements, we also offer software implementation consultation and handle the transition process. We have different software dealerships and technical certifications.

Accounting staff outsourcing

We are offering permanent staff outsourcing services as well where our team member will be joining the client team on  full time basis and performing duties from client premises or from another agreed location. Staff will be  either on our payroll and our residence visa or client may provide depending the situation. Please contact us for further discussion.

Cloud Accounting Software 

Cloud accounting is in trend and changing the traditional accounting software storage methods of on premises systems/servers installation. With the increased pace of today business, real time updation of records and updated information availability is crucial for decision makers. Cloud servers have transformed the way we access business data and have made it possible to access data from our mobile devices and from anywhere in the world.  

Audit handling on client behalf

Some organizations have specific reporting requirements imposed by their investors, lenders, governmental authorities or other stakeholders to present financial information in a specific way or get audited the financial statements from a specific firm. We can help you by outsourcing our experts who will prepare the financial reports and present them to the stakeholders or your company auditors and will coordinate with them till the finalization stage in professional and efficient way

Contact Us

If you have any specific requirements or questions, please don't hesitate to reach out to us and discuss. We are always welcome 

General Packages and Fees:

VAT Related Services

UAE VAT Registration

UAE VAT De Registration

UAE VAT Return Filing

UAE VAT Reconsideration Form

UAE VAT Training 

UAE VAT Assessment

Virtual Consultation and Review


AED: 500

VAT + Accounting

Up to 150 transaction

Free Accounting Software

Free quarterly Financial Reporting

Free VAT Return Filing Service

Client Office Visit

Documents and record keeping

UAE VAT Advisory Services


AED 1,500

Customised Package

No of transactions are per estimate

No of Visits as per management

Payroll and Time sheets

Monthly and Quarterly Reporting

VAT Return Filing As per FTA


Cloud Accounting Software

Mobile App and much more


AED: 2,000

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